Special Dealer Pricing

Indian Head Trailers is a truly unique company that allows our dealers the option of having their own line of custom trailers.

No need for a minimum order! This allows you, as a dealer, pre-sell the trailers. Our discounts begin with purchasing 3, or more trailers at once.  We pass the savings to you!

We will create a specially designed kayak trailer, or hauler that matches your specifications.  To accomplish this task we match your company by using logo graphics and custom colors.

This way the structure may look similar, but your customers will know it came from your company.

Our goal is to provide our dealer network with a unique experience.  We are capable of setting up your own line of trailers that will only be sold at your facility.

Indian Head Trailers will list all our dealers on our website, so customers will know exactly where they can go to get a kayak trailer.

We also have the ability to customize the size of kayak trailers and haulers. Need a canoe trailer, 2 position kayak trailer, a 12 position trailer?  Contact Indian Head Trailers today and we will create one just for you and offer special dealer only prices!

We offer our dealers special discount prices, customized trailers, and we build a web page about your company (not just a simple link).  Customers will know where to purchase and where to go to get one!

Contact our professional staff today and we will get started.

Please Note:  it is difficult to list prices because we customize our products, so we encourage you to contact us and we will send pricing information based on your needs.