Highest Quality Service


Indian Head Trailers will also provide service to our dealers.  We understand that things happen and you need to know that we are able to repair/replace any trailer we sell.  Indian Head Trailers will stand by everything we do for a period of (180) days.  From the tongue to the rear of the frame, we guarantee our work (does not include tires). Made in the USA stamp of approval on every kayak trailer, canoe trailer, or hauler that leaves our facility.

Our service technicians must follow strict guidelines to maintain the highest quality assurance possible.  We will not compromise our quality of work!

We want everyone from our dealers to our end users to be proud of an American product, so we will stand by our work.  No worries, no doubts!  Our integrity is the highest of any industry. 

We proudly display our pride in the USA in our work.  We use the best steel, the best tires, the best of everything.  We hire the best people, we use tools made in America!  We even use local businesses when we need help!  How many other companies can say that?  Not many, but Indian Head Trailers can.

If you have any questions about anything we are an e-mail, or phone call away.  We stand behind everything we do with pride and confidence. You will get our best at all times!

The best part of owning an Indian Head Trailer is we have spare/replacement parts readily available to you. Axles, tires, lights, or whatever you need we’ll get it for you.

Of course, at all times feel free to contact us with any questions, or concerns.