Indian Head Trailers has the perfect Kayak Trailer for you!

Indian Head Trailers has an assortment of trailers for kayaks, canoes, SUP’s, small boats. Our trailers are built to handle the open road and trails you need to take your vessels through.  Safely and easily haul them using our Load Centering Technology and superior construction only found at Indian Head Trailers! Go ahead and go on those long trips, short trips, a trip in the back woods. It doesn’t matter with our trailers.

All our trailers are shipped completely assembled. No need to waste hours putting something together and hoping you didn’t forget a bolt, or nut and watch it fall apart down the road. Not with us. All you have to do is load up and go!

Below we will try our best to assist you in getting the trailer you need. Of course, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or need something even more custom please feel free to contact us anytime.

IH24J Kayak Canoe TrailerIH24J Model. Perfect for carrying kayaks flat, or using kayak J Hooks to secure them to the trailer.

Also, used for single canoe, or small boat. Adjustable sizes to fit your vessel. 1600lb capacity.

Options: bike rack mount, storage box, spare tire, tongue jack, metal bed. For more information- IH24J Trailer

IH26 Trailer for Kayaks IH26 Kayak Trailer. Our most popular model featuring enough room to carry up to 6 kayaks, or two canoes, or several SUP’s.

Easily carry your kayaks with our Load Centering Technology to keep them safe and secure while traveling. 1600lb capacity.

Options: bike rack mount, storage box, spare tire, expanded metal bed, tongue jack. For more information- IH26 Kayak Trailer

IH412 Kayak TrailerIH412 Kayak Trailer. Haul up to 12 kayaks, or 4 canoes. Very popular among the kayak rental businesses, or liveries. If you have a big group of kayaker’s this is for you. Still light enough to be pulled by a small vehicle.

Strap them down and go! Also, you can combine kayaks, canoes, and SUP’s in one trailer.

Options: bike rack mount, storage box, spare tire, expanded metal bed, *rear step up, tongue jack. For more information- IH412 Trailer

IHC-20 Commercial Kayak TrailerIHC-20 Commercial Trailer. If you operate/own a busy kayak rental business then you will want to consider this one. The more kayaks you can fit on one trailer the more customers you can serve and serve faster!

Will accommodate up to 20 kayaks! Wide body frame, highway speed rated 13′ tires with more than enough strength to carry what you need.

Options: tongue jack, expanded metal bed, spare tire, storage box, *rear step up. For more information- IHC-20 Commercial Kayak Trailer

IHC Canoe TrailerIHC Canoe Trailers. Here you have the option of our 2, 4, or 6 canoe haulers. The canoe trailers will have straight support arms instead of the angle arms our kayak trailer have. The reason is canoes are transported flat.

Our canoe trailers are built to go down the road with ease. Canoes are a great way to experience all of Nature’s waterway wonders!

Canoes are generally longer, so the bike rack mount is only available with lengths less than 15ft in standard length. Custom sizes can be made.

Options: tongue jack, spare tire, storage box, bike rack mount, expanded metal bed. For more information- IHC Canoe Trailer

Indian Head Trailers wants you to be completely satisfied with your trailer, so if you have any questions we’re here to help. We’ll take the time with you to get you the trailer you need.