Indian Head Trailers specializes in kayak and canoe transport by building the best trailer in the world. Take it down the road, down the trail, or wherever you love to kayak. Our trailers are built tough in the USA with specialized skills and durable parts. When you want the best you want an Indian Head Trailer!

We offer kayak trailers for sale at a great price with a few unique options to make your life better while traveling with your vessels. An optional storage box, spare tire, or even a bike rack mount that will accept any 2’in hitch mounted bike rack. Now imagine hitting the road with all your kayaks and bicycles too!  The outdoors is so much funnnnn!!!!

Of course Indian Head Trailers has a model to fit your lifestyle. Do you need to haul 2, 4, 8, or up to 12 kayaks at once? You can do it. Do you need to carry up to 20? Yup, we have one for you too.

Do you have a use for a fishing kayak trailer? Only Indian Head Trailers can accommodate your specific needs. We can custom build you a trailer to help make your outdoor experience legendary!

All our kayak and canoe trailers for sale are built to the highest standards using the strongest materials, so you can enjoy the trip.

Featuring an all welded steel framework. This means you will not have to re-tighten bolts after each trip, or worry about losing them and the trailer falling apart and ruining the day! Safely secure kayaks to the trailer and GO! Powder coated in a wide variety of colors for a strong protection against the elements. Highway speed rated tires with a heavy duty axle made for the open road! The best part is you will not have to spend all day putting our trailer together. We assemble it at our facility and when it arrives all you have to do is hook up to your vehicle and take off.

Lightweight. We have even hooked one up to a Toyota Prius! We keep the weight down to about 300-350lbs. This allows for a more sturdy and steady pull without the need for a big vehicle.

Kayak trailers for sale at Indian Head Trailers are the best option for anyone wanting to go out and have fun and not have to worry about anything, except having a great time in the great outdoors!

Contact us today and we’ll start building your fun today!