Indian Head Trailers builds kayak trailers that are strong enough for the highway, the trails, and almost any terrain. We also build a kayak trailer that can be pulled by almost any car!

That is correct. No matter what type of vehicle you have you can now enjoy kayaking to the fullest. Simply plug in and goooo! Featuring our easy load/unload system so no need to try and load kayaks on the roof.

There is no need to buy a bigger vehicle when the one you have will pull our trailers. Don’t believe us? Well have a look at the picture below. This trailer was hauled halfway across the country and it pulled our largest trailer that we manufacture.

All you need is a hitch and receiver and let the fun begin. By the way, Indian Head Trailers will not sacrifice quality and safety for any reason. We just happen to build the best and a very lightweight yet sturdy kayak trailer for almost any type of car.

Below is our commercial kayak trailer that is being pulled by a Toyota Prius. The driver pulled it about 700 miles to its destination without any problems.

Strength, quality and lightweight only from Indian Head Trailers.

Our secret is low wind resistance, square tube steel construction, and balance. Add those up and you too can join the outdoor fun with an Indian Head Trailer kayak trailer for your car! Plus we offer many colors to choose from and delivery can be arranged. Call us today and start building your fun!