optional upgrade

At Indian Head Trailers you have many options to upgrade to an ultimate towing machine! Our upgrades are not only pleasing to the eye, but functional in the real world too.

We start with an exceptional trailer and build up from there. Not only can you choose from many awesome colors, but now we can add to your lifestyle and make it easier than ever to enjoy outdoor paddle sports. We go where you do!  Our kayak trailers, or canoe trailers can be a great asset for you to have around and we love being with you on the journey.

storage box in frame A storage box mounted inside the frame makes it easy to haul things like life vest, extra dry clothing, toys and games for the beach and so on.

We mount them inside the frame where it is out of the way, yet very handy for the trip.


Bike Rack mount kayak trailer This is by far the most popular upgrade Indian Head Trailers offers. The bike rack mount that will fit any 2′ hitch mounted bicycle rack.

Take the kayaks, canoes, or SUP’s and the bikes all on one trailer for so much fun someone might EXPLODE!


Spare Tire Optional spare tire and spare tire mount.  We can mount it as pictured, or closer to the end of the tongue. Either place will allow it to be out of the way and easy to get to in case of a flat tire.

$40 for mount $79 for 12′ tire $99 for 13′ tire.

expanded metal bed The expanded metal bed is the only type of bed covering we offer. It is lightweight, yet strong enough to step on. Also brings the trailer together for an appealing look. This can go the full length of the bed, or we can mount it in sections as desired.

$75-$145 depending on bed size

Tongue jack with wheel The tongue jack with wheel folds up out of the way and has a wheel that makes it real easy to push the trailer around, loaded, or not. Also, the tongue jack helps it keep the coupler off the ground and easier to hook up to your hitch.


Indian Head Trailers makes it easy to upgrade your trailer. We can also create custom sizes, depending on your individual needs. Contact us today and we’ll build a kayak trailer, canoe trailer, SUP trailer to fit your needs and we offer trailer upgrades to make your life easier and better! That’s the whole point of an upgrade.