Indian Head Trailers manufactures the best kayak and canoe trailers on the planet!

We build our kayak and canoe trailers right here in the USA!  Not only are we putting people back to work, but we are also committed to creating the best trailer in the world for your paddle sport vessels.

While we cannot reveal all of our secrets we can tell you that we start with 2″ inch steel tubing. This gives an extreme amount of structural integrity and also makes it more versatile to customize. Makes it possible to add flooring, or extra storage if needed.  Up next is our popular powder coat finish.  Imagine matching your trailer to the color of your vehicle, or your favorite color.

The powder coat offers a durable finish against the elements and remains elegant for many years. The reason we choose steel and powder coating versus aluminum is for a couple of reasons.  The first is aluminum becomes brittle and does not flex very well and thus makes it more susceptible to fractures.  The other issue with this metal is the weight.  Pulling an aluminum trailer that is too light will cause it to “jump” all over the road.  Our steel construction is more sturdy and makes for a smooth pull.

Using tube steel gives the trailers the most rigid and sturdy construction available on the market, yet they are light enough to pull behind smaller vehicles. Our kayak trailers are under 300lbs. and our canoe trailers range from 290lbs to 320lbs.  You can get more weight in groceries!  The powder coat finish offers the highest range of rust protection and elements such as the fact that they are around water a lot!  No need to worry with Indian Head Trailers!

Built on American Pride with the hard work and dedication we go above and beyond the industry standard to provide you and your family with the best!  Our trailers can accommodate several different combinations of kayaks and canoes making it easier for everyone to join in the fun.  Grab everyone and hit the rivers, lakes, or any body of water and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Kayak Trailer with Bike RackIndian Head Trailers just wants to play a part in the outdoor fun! Here is the optional bicycle rack that can be mounted to almost all of our trailers.  Bikes, kayaks, and canoes equals total outdoor fun!

You can have the best of the water sports world in one package!


Long & Short kayaks

Long & Short kayaks

Bright colors, custom colors, almost any shade you can think of.  We can even add custom graphics to match your style!

Featuring our Load Centering Technology. Engineered at just the right angle to hold your vessels in place! Only Indian Head Trailers has such advanced design in all our trailers.

While some trailers offer to carry kayaks sideways, others offer to carry them stacked up, Indian Head Trailers design allows both!  Place them side ways and stack them up for the greatest time with all your friends and family!!

Rear Box Kayak TrailerShown here is our optional storage box that is hitch mounted, so you can remove it when necessary.

Store picnic items, life vests, dry clothes and more. Keep your vehicle clear and put it on the trailer, it’s what it is built for!

Indian Head Trailers designing innovative products to help you get the most out of the outdoor fun.


Expanded metal bed

Expanded metal bed-storage box-spare tire

Optional add on including spare tire and mount and storage box inside of the frame. With Indian Head Trailers you can have it all.

Custom sizes can be made, many vibrant colors to choose from and our industry leading standards only found at Indian Head Trailers.

Our trailers come ready to tow. No assembly! Come with VIN #’s and a Title for smooth transactions at the DMV!

Call Indian Head Trailers today and see what we can do for you!  We are pleased you stopped by and look forward to working for you! If you want the best we have it for you.