Custom Made Canoe & Kayak Trailers by Indian Head Trailers

Indian Head Trailers stands for “American Made.”  We build custom canoe and kayak trailers that are built to last.  For those who will only settle for the best, you have found your next trailer manufacturer.

Featuring our Load Centering Technology© your kayaks are completely safe while traveling. Our engineered technology pulls the weight of the kayaks to the center of the trailer, thus keeping them in place. Just strap them down and the design takes care of the rest.

We start with highly trained designers and fabricator’s.  Then we use materials made in the USA!  How many companies can say that?  Not many.

Indian Head Trailers takes pride in our work and we will never compromise our quality standards.

Many options are available to our customers when we build for them.  We feature kayak and canoe trailers that can carry anywhere from 1 unit to 16 units!  Got a family with multiple items needed for a fun filled day like bikes, inner tubes, picnics, coolers and so on?  We can build a trailer to match your needs.  Bike racks, trailer boxes for storage and more.

Starting with raw materials we use 2″ and 1″ square tubing for a lightweight, yet high strength trailer. We add support in all the right places for a rigid frame. The reason is our trailers pull behind almost any kind of vehicle and they do not “bounce” all over the road. Smooth pull with, or without a load.

We have thought of everything! All engineering problems have been solved! The final solution is an awesome trailer!

Here is a side view of a trailer. As you can see we build an extra rigid frame with all welded construction. 12″ highway wheels, fenders, light kit, trailer coupler. Indian Head Trailers builds complete trailers for our customers. No assembly required!

Never sacrifice when you want the best!

In raw form we start with precise measurements and weld every nook and cranny. All support beams are reinforced with more support. This allows for a very smooth ride and you do not have to worry about rough terrain. We add leaf springs for extra suspension.

Shown outside our facility our canoe trailers offer superior all welded construction. Our design allows your personal watercraft to be securely strapped down to the trailer and the angle helps with downward pressure while pulling. The downward pressure pushes down on the canoe to keep it in place!

This is an engineering quality only found with Indian Head Trailers.

We also use a zinc under coat and powder coat finish. The highest level of protection against the elements.

If you want the best call Indian Head Trailers today!! Custom sizes, custom graphics, custom colors, add on attachments, or almost anything you can think of, we will do our best to build it. Canoe and kayak trailers is our specialty, so if you will not settle for foreign built and you want American Made get a hold of us and we will get started right away!

A first in the industry is our kayak/canoe trailer with an accommodating bicycle rack.

We can configure this in many ways. The picture of the bike rack on this particular trailer is only a starting point. We can custom build these to fit your kayaks, or canoes. A simple recalculation and you can have a custom trailer fit your needs. Indian Head Trailers specializes in custom trailers for customer and dealers. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Our optional and removable storage box. Mounted just below where the kayaks, or canoes sit in the bay. Carry a multitude of items like life vests, coolers, beach items, extra apparel, or whatever you need. These can also be custom built to suit. Another first in the industry for Indian Head Trailers.