Buy Kayak & Canoe Trailers Made In USA

Indian Head Trailers offers superior construction and the best part is each one is made right here in the USA!

With our trailers a person is able to carry multiple kayaks, or just one.  Our unique design allows for many variations to offer customers the convenience of hauling kayaks to his, or her favorite water destination.

We use a zinc base coat and then powder coat each trailer for the highest level of protection against the elements possible.  Of course galvanization is an option too, but the colors look better!  We understand that these trailers will be used outdoors, around water and you want them to look great for many years to come.

We conquered these issues by offering the highest level of quality and standards possible.  An American product you can be proud of just as we are! All our trailers are powder coated to offer a great amount of protection against the elements.

These are manufactured on American Pride!  Not pieces bought in another country and assembled here! No way!!  We manufacture everything in our facility and we have the ability to customize them to your specifications (with safety in mind.)  Our dealers love that.  Indian Head Trailers has many styles of trailers and we can custom build for you!

Take a look at our designs below.  Trailers that will accommodate 1 boat, or up to 20 kayaks.  It is possible at Indian Head Trailers.  The end user is able to lay the kayak flat, or put it on the side and each bunk holds up to three. We put extra engineering into making this the easiest kayak trailer to operate. Low maintenance and they all come fully assembled so you can hook up and GOOO!!