Bike and Kayak Trailers

Only Indian Head Trailers offers such innovative trailers for sale such as our bike and kayak trailers in one! Our IH26 and IH412 model kayak trailers have an optional bicycle rack mount that will allow you to carry all your kayaks and your bikes in one trailer!

Built to the highest standards around, we only offer a rugged kayak trailer that is meant to go down the road. Use it, that is what is made for. High tensile strength steel, combined with an all welded construction make for an optimal trip for you and your friends and family.

All welded construction is superior to the bolt together models in many ways. First, the bolt together trailers require re-tightening after each trip and during a trip you have to hope a bolt, or nut doesn’t fall out! They also are not meant for high speeds, or long hauls and in general just are not built to last.

Not true with an Indian Head Trailer. All welded construction means almost zero maintenance. Powder coated frame resists Mother Nature’s punishments. Heavy duty axle and tires lets you take all your kayaks and bikes to any destination. Simply the best, simply built to last.

We have the optional bike rack mount that can be added to the IH26, IH412, and IH24J models only. We do not include the actual bicycle hitch. We install the mount only that will accept any 2′ hitch mounted bike rack. The actual rack is sold separately.

We have kayak trailers for sale that feature bicycle rack mounts, storage boxes, spare tires and even custom sizes. When you only settle for the best, you want an Indian Head Trailer.