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Indian Head Trailers, LLC is an all American kayak trailers and canoe trailers manufacturer built for the long haul.  We believe you deserve the best in paddle sports equipment.  We also believe in creating this for you to enjoy the water even more.  Our unique design is specifically engineered strong for longevity and heavy use, through the trails, on the highway, or anywhere you want to go.  You will feel safe hauling your watercraft on our trailers. Made to the highest quality standard you will be proud to own an Indian Head Trailer. When you must have the best you must own an Indian Head Trailer!

Imagine already being loaded up for the trip and not having to strap everything to the roof of your vehicle! Your roof was not designed to carry kayaks or canoes, but our trailers are. Special engineering went into every part of our trailer line up. Making it the best option to tow your vessels. Not to mention when you want to take off, they are already to go! Get to the water quicker and easier.


Not only do we custom design, but we manufacture all our trailers right here in America!  That is correct, a company that is proud of the USA and will not lower any standard, or compromise quality.  We have the strongest, longest lasting, toughest kayak trailers of anyone because we want to be the best! Made to superior standards, so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter where you want to go.

          • Built on American Pride
          • Strongest construction of any kayak trailer
          • Load Centering Technology™
          • Many vibrant colors
          • We only use superior parts from the tail lights to the coupler
          • Best towing experience, tracks well, built for the long haul
            • Comes complete and ready to tow, no assembly required
            • NO Assembly required- All trailers come ready to tow right from our factory

Each piece is cut to size and welded in place with extra strength.  Also included is the most durable finish to meet the harsh conditions of the outdoors.  All our kayak trailers have a zinc under coating and are powder coated for great protection against rust. Many exciting colors are available. Now you do not have to accept the normal steel gray color!

Pack up the kayaks, canoes, inner tubes, bikes, and the family and get outdoors for some fun!! All our kayak trailers for sale are built to the highest standards!

When you buy an Indian Head Trailer you receive a world class product that will function and perform for a very long time.

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Let Us Build For You

Indian Head Trailers will build kayak trailers, or custom canoe trailers just for your company. We will include matching colors and graphics incorporating your business logos and primary colors.  This is what sets us apart from any other manufacturer is we tailor to your needs!  We will set up a line just for your company and no one else will have the same color pattern and graphics.

We also can add awesome features like a bike rack, storage box, and more. Give us a call, or e-mail us for more details!!

Indian Head Trailers will also arrange for delivery, or you can pick them up right from our factory.  We are proud to be an American company building a high quality kayak trailer exclusively Made in The USA!!

The best part is we manufacture and build for you.  We have a standard design, but when necessary we can change it and set up an assembly line just for you.  This way the trailers will match your companies look and feel.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more, or wish to become an exclusive dealer of Indian Head Trailers. Trailers for kayaks and canoes, small fishing boats and more. Trailers are our business, it’s what we do better than anyone!

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Steve Hinds

“The best constructed trailer I’ve found yet.”

Steve Hinds
Cindy Haskel

“I love the candy blue kayak trailer my husband got me at Indian Head Trailers.”

Cindy Haskel

We love our trailer!